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Non-Profit Consulting - because every non-profit can use some extra help during Covid-19

Now is the time for seasoned expertise to help you interact with the PEOPLE in your database. Your current donors need to hear from you now, in a personal way.  

Now is not the time to shy away from your supporters; it's a time to engage with them. By phone, by zoom, by hand-written notes. We can show you ways to interact with your supporters that will bring revenue in NOW and keep them as engaged participants in your mission for life.  

We help you lead successful campaigns to bring in more members

All non-profits should have members. They provide more consistent financial support, talk more about your mission to others and are generally more supportive than one-time financial donors.

Anything Outdoors

We are experts at trail systems, bike trails, hiking trails, kayak trails, butterfly and pollinator pathways, native plant gardens, community gardens, wildlife preservation, environmental education, and land protection of all kinds. Any activity that gets people outside!

We are skilled at helping non-profits get more funding to do more "outside" work. Because we know that when people love the outdoors they protect it more. And we want to help you protect our environment much more!

Keys to Profitability





With 1.5 million non-profits in the U.S. how do you stand out?  

What is unique about your organization? What is your relevance to your local community? How are you (or how can you become) important to the things that matter to people who live near you?

Let us help you attract local stakeholders who will be energetically invested in your mission. By making your group an integral part of your community you become relevant!






People's attention spans are now down to 8 seconds. (Goldfish focus more.) 

Today, grabbing the attention of new donors requires top-notch marketing and video expertise. It also requires short, punchy messages that quickly resonate. 

One of the biggest time and energy drains at board and staff retreats is group wordsmithing of mission statements. 

Let Profitable Non-Profits help you clarify the relevant issues in your community most importantly - HOW YOU ADDRESS THOSE ISSUES. 





The key (and most frequently overlooked) component to fundraising is 


Raising the funds needed for your vital mission is best accomplished when you hear what is important to your potential supporters. 

If you're talking more than 25% of the time at a potential donor meeting, you're missing the chance to understand and connect with their priorities. 

Let us teach your board and staff the skills of listening and catering your message to the passions of potential stakeholders. Connecting better to those who already support you is the key to being able to expand your mission's impact.

Get training for your staff and entire board!


Get on a more solid financial footing now

Want your non-profit to become more profitable i.e.more successful, effective, productive and valuable?

Call Profitable Non-Profits for your free initial consultation regarding your organization's current:

  • Relevance
  • Clarity
  • Connections

Call 281-832-2089 to find out how to get your group focused on making better connections.

About Us



Houstonian of the Year

Houstonian of the Year

After more than 25 years as one of the most successful conservation non-profit Executive Directors in Texas, in April of 2017, Jennifer Lorenz formed Profitable Non-Profits.

Serving for 30 years on 501c3 boards, from Chair to Treasurer to worker bee, Jennifer has a unique insight to both staff and board member issues. Profitable Non-Profits provides solutions for communication issues, and assists non-profits in generating new energy and enthusiasm from established supporters.

Her primary expertise lies in successfully reaching out to  stakeholders and getting them to become long-term, engaged volunteer donors (in both their time and their dollars). 

It is not enough today to have an excellent staff and an engaged board; non-profits, in order to remain solvent and successful, must have a slew of ambassadors who eagerly share with others their enthusiastic engagement. 


Houstonian of the Year

Houstonian of the Year

Houstonian of the Year

Jennifer Lorenz was proud to be named Houstonian of the Year by the Houston Chronicle at the end of 2013. This honor was received for raising $4 million in 6 weeks from 1,600 individuals to save from imminent destruction one of the most pristine native prairies in Texas. 

Other honors include:

  • Environmental Impact Award 2016 - US House of Representatives
  • Greenway Leader Award 2010 - Houston Park People
  • Certification of Appreciation for Design and Rededication of Suter Wildlife Refuge - US Fish & Wildlife Service

Professional Expertise:

2000 - 2016 - Executive Director, Bayou Land Conservancy

  • grew BLC from 3 conservation easements holdings to 52, protecting more than 12,000 acres
  • budget surplus every year
  • lead organization to become largest regional conservation easement holder in Texas
  • founded and managed largest wetland mitigation program in Texas raising multi-millions of dollars for the purchase of development rights
  • helped form largest urban forested contiguous greenway in the country

Other non-profit Management Experience:

Executive Director, Coastal Bend Bays Foundation, Corpus Christi, TX

Development Director, Xeriscape Learning Center, interactive design garden at entrance of Corpus Christi Museum of Science & History

Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity, Corpus Christi branch

Executive Director, Hill Country Land Trust


Enthusiastic Clients!

Houstonian of the Year

Enthusiastic Clients!


Ryan Crowder, Producing Artistic Director, Penfold Theatre, Austin, TX

"Jennifer's coaching completely changed the way our Board of Directors thinks about fundraising. In a warm and positive way, she laid out a clear plan of action that excited our team and could be implemented immediately. Within a week, we were already seeing positive results!"

Bill Collier, past President, Greater Houston Offroad Biking Association, Cypress, TX

"Jennifer is the epitome of passion. Passion with an open mind, a kind ear, with goals, and most importantly, passion with results. She helps you with your endeavors regardless of the headwaters swimming against you. She is excellent with setting a vision, creating a plan of action, networking and negotiating with high level officials to advance causes. Jennifer is one of those people who truly makes a difference and makes our world a better place to live. 

Jim McCrae, Treasurer of the Board, Fort Martin Scott, Fredericksburg, TX

"Thank you for the outstanding job Profitable Non-Profits did in putting together a comprehensive vision for a trail system at Fort Martin Scott. 

Your professional approach to our needs was evident to every member of our Board of Directors. We especially appreciated the way you engaged the various stakeholders and brought them onboard to support our efforts. 

Your presentation to the executive staff of the City of Fredericksburg and our board received rave reviews from the City Manager on down. It was a complete, concise and most impressive presentation. 

Thank you for your extraordinary efforts on our behalf.  

Ann Hamilton, former Houston Endowment Grant Officer

Jennifer and I have known each other since our mutual friend and noted conservationist, the late Terry Hershey, introduced us and implored us to work together to "do good" for the natural world. And that we did! Jennifer led a highly successful non-profit, Bayou Land Conservancy, as I observed and monitored her work as a grant officer for a private foundation that provided consistent funding to her efforts. 

Jennifer has the savvy, smarts, seriousness and stamina to tackle problems with enthusiasm and resolve...she's the "real deal" in these days of sound bites and shallow promises. I have never known a professional with greater integrity. She lends strong ethical values to her profession as a conservationist, non-profit manager, journalist and advocate. 

Solution Services

Brandraising Expertise

Brandraising Expertise

Brandraising Expertise


Brian Traylor is a media artist and designer who received his degree in film from  the San Francisco Art Institute in 2004. He has worked with companies such as Vogue, BMW, and NFL Films. His projects have ranged from political campaign ads to luxury vehicle ads to helping non-profits gain the positive exposure they need. 

His work for the University of Houston's football team won a Texas Lone Star Emmy in 2015. Currently, Brian manages two film preservation companies and works as a videographer and editor for Hatch New Media. 

Because people can't support you if they don't know about you, let us build you a stronger brand with the most important tool today for non-profits: video.

The Deer Park Prairie was saved in great part due to visual artist Brian Traylor. 98% of the donors to the prairie never visited the property, but they DID see the videos produced by Brian.

With Jennifer's Broadcast Journalism degree and Brian's drone video skills and his expert editing, we can help you capture and hold those short attention spans!

Here's the video that saved the Deer Park Prairie

Membership campaigns

Brandraising Expertise

Brandraising Expertise


Building off your refurbished brand, let us help you map out smart plans that will raise: awareness, advocacy and money

  • Successfully retain the support of your current members
  • Get current members to increase their level of engagement
  • Change how people think and act toward issues critical to your mission


Brandraising Expertise

Find your unique nature


Are you getting the press coverage you need? 

  • Use our decades of media experience to create newsworthy buzz around your issues and events
  • Let us help you with press connections for radio, print, and television and become the "go-to" expert for quotes related to your mission
  • We can assist you with getting local, state and national politicians familiar and supportive of your work so they (and the press) will be present at your events

Find your unique nature

How do we engage Profitable Non-Profits?

Find your unique nature


Let Profitable Non-Profits lead you to:  

  • Differentiate your group from everyone else and powerfully represent yourself to different ages of stakeholders
  • Identify the one thing that you do better than anyone else and focus your brand on that unique value 
  • Form unique messages and images that meet the needs and aspirations of your audience that leads them to action
  • Create a clear brief that details the  challenges your group addresses  

All strong and profitable non-profits are perceived as being the leaders of what they do. You want your organization to be known as developing a unique approach or service that is relevant to your clients and the community you serve.  

People don't support "any" non-profit. They support the uniquely best. 

Financial Focus

How do we engage Profitable Non-Profits?

How do we engage Profitable Non-Profits?



"Conservation without funding is conversation" is the original catchphrase of Jennifer Lorenz. 

Steady, broad-based income is key to accomplishing any worthy public benefit work. Talking about saving land is only that: it alone does not get the job done.

Crucial though to that financial support comes the need for well-organized accounting and evidence of following strict financial policies. These skills are essential to passing CPA financial audits squeaky-clean which are critical to continued funding from Foundations and any governmental support.

Proper documentation and record-keeping is a key area of expertise that Profitable Non-Profits can bring your group. The goal is passing all audits with neither management nor balance sheet issues. 

Because of the financial and mission success of her leadership role at Bayou Land Conservancy, Jennifer Lorenz was chosen as a national leader by the national Land Trust Alliance as one of the first Land Trust Accreditation Commissioners where she helped define the roles and processes of national accreditation for 1,000 land trusts.

How do we engage Profitable Non-Profits?

How do we engage Profitable Non-Profits?

How do we engage Profitable Non-Profits?


Q: We need some help with our non-profit, but not sure what specific help we need. Do you charge for a phone call? 

A: Jennifer Lorenz is happy to have two initial pro-bono calls. Any staff member or board member of a non-profit can reach out and share issues the organization is facing. 

The second call should optimally include at least three board officers. Discussion of needed focus areas can be determined with subsequent low cost site visit. 

If board and staff agree, then a mutually-agreed upon plan of action and solutions-focused budget can be determined within 3 weeks of site visit for specific consulting services catered to your needs. 

Q: We're a new non-profit and just setting up our 501c3 status.  We're drafting our policies, growing our board...maybe best that we invest in our group with you later?

A: The best time to seek a non-profit consultant is when you begin! Save yourself by making sure your bylaws don't hamstring you down the road...that you're pulling onto your board the expertise you need for all potential issues...and that you start your marketing campaign with a bang and not a whimper. An ounce of prevention...

Q: Our organization has been doing great work for years, but we're struggling with our funding now and may have to lay off staff soon. How can we focus on fundraising when we're so strapped for our mission?

A: Tenuous funding never makes people work their best if they're constantly worried their job is on the line and that's never great for mission accomplishments.

Profitable Non-Profits is here to help you break through whatever your funding impasse is. Usually the question best asked: "Are we relevant to the people in our community?" Because without local support, you won't have the roots needed to sustain your growth. 

We specialize in honing your mission and your message to ensure that you become an integral part of your community.

Foundations can change their focus for funding, business support rises and falls with their profit margins, but individuals continue to give to what they feel is important to theirs and others' quality of life. 

Q: You seem to have a lot of expertise with conservation groups. But we have a different focus. Can you still help us?

Jennifer Lorenz has worked for multiple non-profits including Habitat for Humanity and has been on the board of many other types of organizations including orchestra support groups as well as an elected member of her local Homeowner Association.  

All non-profits need to be focused on being profitable so that they can more effectively focus on their mission. And all non-profits benefit from learning how to listen to their CURRENT supporters and keeping their mission clarity and focus constantly in check. 

Profitable Non-Profits can provide any size organization the means to fulfill their mission. 

Call 281-832-2089 to start the conversation!

About Jennifer


Native Texan

Jennifer has lived in Switzerland, Iowa, Idaho and Montana but she is a proud native Texan. From San Antonio, she's lived now (surprisingly!) most of her life in NW Houston. She's also lived in Dallas, Austin, Fredericksburg, Cumby, Corpus Christi and Pleasanton, TX. 

Favorite things

Jennifer loves trail hiking, kayaking and biking. She also loves her native plant pollinator pathway, zydeco, and George Clooney (not necessarily in that order).

She enjoys baking and cooking which involve her main vices: too many food magazines held in too many baskets and never meeting a gluten she didn't like. 

Dog lover

Holly, a rescue found 8 years ago at one of the Bayou Land Conservancy preserves, is a big part of Jennifer's exercise routine. This dog, part-crazy/part pit (or is that redundant?) ensures that Jennifer gets out at least twice for the daily struggle as to who is in charge of the leash.  

Jennifer hopes to make your non-profit as focused on success as Holly is to the squirrel that she saw during the taking of this photo.

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